Website Content

(Sticky, Clicky, Brand-Elevating)

  • From scratch, starting from site map
  • Makeovers—money-saving way to invigorate your site by massaging current content
  • SEO—keyword research, meta-tag writing and adding of keywords to content to boost your rankings



(Gets opened, gets read, gets results)

  • Websites of course, that are sticky and capture interest. Sometimes they just need a spa day — refreshed headlines with SEO
  • Online Newsletters that are lively, engaging, fun, informative
  • e-mail blasts 
  • e-mails themselves with subject matter line that increase open rate by 50%
  • Landing oages designed to make an offer and add to you coffers with leads.
  • Business Blog Writing that’s exciting. Facebook, LinkedIn
  • My own humorous blog with stories and yummy Italian recipes Many stories were published in my column.



(Tactile, Tactical, Creatively-involving, Action-Oriented)

  • Ads, ad campaigns
  • Leave behinds
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures/collateral
  • Direct mail


e-Mail Sharpening

(Have Them at “Hello.” Lead Them to Buy)

  • Regular e-Mail editing/writing to:
  • Create and sharpen sales
  • Emphasize competitive distinctions
  • Bulletize benefits
  • Get a meeting


World Class Taglines

(Beginning with Grainger, Ranging Far Beyond)

  • Super taglines for global, national and local companies. Tagline for W.W. Grainger (For the ones who get it done) that is the basis of their brand identity worldwide, “We lead with quality” for global TPA Gallager Bassett, “Bring your smile to life” for a Michigan Ave. dentist. Dozens more.


Concepts 4 Hire

(Inspired, Inventive, Campaign Frameworks

  • When agenices and larger businesses need to paper the walls with concepts,our writer/designer team responds with 5 or 6 different  concepts. We offer visuals, headlines and or
    positions that add depth to presentations to impress clients, win accounts. Bring in outside minds with out-of-the-box thinking.

Sales Force Training & Communications

(Breakthrough Breakout Sessions, Unique Team- building Games, Inventive Educational Materials)

  • A 90-page rep binder on potassium loss turned into a murder-mystery; an awesome sales force cell-phone photo safari; cooking up team-building in the kitchen—we reign for sales training



(Funny that’s on the Money for Business)

  • Live humor shows at McCormick place, national sales meeting skits, videos that leave ‘em laughing and learning; humorous speeches for CEOs



(That Cause Commotion and Stimulate Sales)

  • Happy Meal Boxes for Mickey D’s, BK Kid’s Club Comic Book Adventures, Cereal box games for Cap’N Crunch, Life Cereal, FSI’s, POP



(Names that Capture Brand Essence and Distinction)

  • We’ve named 25 products and 10 businesses. “Common Ground”—the name for a new Elgin Community playground; “Simply Right—lighter Aunt Jemima syrup; “Head Start a la Carte”— Kraft Instant Oatmeal.


Elevating Elevator Speeches

(Attention insurance agents, financial planners, Realtors, contractors, chiropractors — why be lost in a sea of sameness in networking meetings. Stand out when you stand up with words that create distinction.) Count on “Heavenly writing that sells like hell.” 

  • Work with the “Master of half-minute magic” (me) to create several 30 second elevator speeches that floor people and elevate business