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Heavenly Writing that Sells like Hell

Landing Pages

e-blasts qre a gas to write and view


Here's another landing page. This tine for Roland Borg a huge player in
nurse call systems. On a landing page, there's always an offer as the
best way to collect lead information.



e-blasts qre a gas to write and they make a visible impact. I loved writing e-blasts ads and

other things for SAGENT Pharma for a year as part of their 4 person creative team. SAGENT is

dedicated to reducing medication errors through highly visitble labeling.


It was a blast writing e-blasts for SAGENT Pharmaceuticals as part


So ACE has been involved in the production of 30 or 40 websites. We always handle content

(especially for those discontented with their messaging) and often we take care of design too.

SEO is a given. In the following case, we created the tagline, content and design for SEMS and Specials.

Don't know what a SEM is. It's actually an assembly beginning with a bolt and locked on washer. The world

is full of SEMS, but only 7 companies in the U.S. make them. Cool, eh?