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Heavenly Writing that Sells like Hell

Boost your e-mail open-rate like crazy

Why should someone open your e-mail versus a 20% Door Buster from Old Navy?

Because you've learned tricks of the writing trade offered by Wordsworth (and many  blogger contemporaries). You've paid attention to the first rule of e-mail success:

Here are 4 More Click-through Rules of Thumb: (with more to come)

  1. Start with an awesome subject matter line. Nothing else matters, really. If your e-mail doesn't get opened, the door is shut no matter what you're saying or selling. And it's shut a lot according to this survey:

  2. Keep the characters short--only 28 to 29 characters is recommend, which is not a ton to work. Here are stats showing open rate and click through rates by subject line length.

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