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  • Wordsworth Business Blog

    Welcome to my blog you wonderful readers. In this case, it's a blog/article or a "bloglical," which is a coined phase that clearly makes little sense or cents.

  • Boost your e-mail open-rate like crazy

    Why should someone open your e-mail versus a 20% Door Buster from Old Navy? Because you've learned tricks of the writing trade offered by Wordsworth (and many blogger contemporaries). You've paid attention to the first rule of e-mail success:

  • How Not to Lose Them at Hello

    10 Ways to Engage, Wed and Never Divorce Website Visitors - Don't pull a reverse Jerry McQuire and lose web visitors at hello. You want to engage them instantly, "act now," "contact you immediately," order that lawn gnome, enroll in your yoga class. or whatever.

  • Ain't Ever Seen it Like This
    It's downright weird when you consider the incredibly bad weather that has shown up in my life whenever I leave town and especially on fishing trips. I used to blame my fishing buddies, Stu Schwartz and Rick Roberts for this, which is absurd. Stu and Rick are not to blame. Howard Mullen is.
  • 5 Things to Never Say to a Writer

    It's very hairy and scary for me as a writer when I hear