Jack Goldenberg, Copywriter/Creative Director
Einstein, da Vinci & Goldenberg

I don’t particularly like Jim. He’s the only person who is a much funnier writer than I am.

Catherine Rategan
Co-founder and Board member, IWOC

What a talented guy! Funny, fun to work with, and a solid and multi-skilled writer. Jimmy can write anything and do it well. It was a pleasure to work with him when he was my client and also when we struggled through the opening years of IWOC. If you’re thinking of working with him, just DO IT

Anthony Patryn

Jim is in-depth and meticulous and will always get down deep into the message quickly and efficiently. He works his tail off and will go above and beyond what is expected. If you request three head-lines and his inspiration has given him seven, he will give you seven. Smart, witty and a great personality!

Danny Lena
Author, Speaker, eMarketing SEO Presenter

It is a really pleasure and honor for me to recommend Jim Ardito Jim’s “Inspired, On-Fire, Affordable Writing & Design” in Chicago, and his A.C.E. Ardito Creative Enterprises have helped me and so many people I know. During the many times worked together on many eMarketing projects I have seen Jim’s many valuable qualities. He has such a strong work ethic at his creative writing services. He has constantly demonstrated the highest levels of honesty, reliability and dependability. Jim is always punctual (most times he’s early) and he is so easygoing. Jim is an example of a relaxed professional who continuously gets the job done. If you’re looking to hire a superstar writer STOP HERE you found him! I feel confident he would be an asset to any person, company or organization. Jim Ardito is amazing! If you would like further elaboration, feel free to call me.

Michael Shapiro

Jim has that rare quality of being able to listen well, understand one’s intention, and create a message in just the right tone with nuance and clarity that scores a bulls-eye. He is a creative writer with an uncanny ability to deliver exactly the message one wants to get across. I only wish I had met him years ago!

Michael Hobbs, SRA, LEED

If you are looking for a wordsmith expert, Jim Ardito is your man. Funny, creative, intelligent are just a few descriptions that come to mind. No matter the complexity of your engagement or the size of your project, Jim can craft an articulate message in a timely manner to fulfill your desired results. I highly recommend Jim and am pleased to be able to refer him clients.

Peter Greenbaum
Owner, Tea Lake Productions

I have worked with Jim Ardito on many occasions. He is an excellent writer and strategic thinker. Jim always brings something unique to the table, whether he is writing for websites, brochures, media presentations, or trade publications. Jim is a great creative thinker, an absolute pleasure to work with and always 100% dependable. He blends into a team environment, manages to get the best out of people, and completes assignments on time. And he is really a nice guy. I recommend Jim with full confidence and pleasure.

A-List Clients

Ace has had the pleasure of working with/for the following “A-List” companies (literally)…

  • Abbott Diagnostic Division: Videos, direct mail, training, brochures, speech writing
  • Abbott Pharmaceutical Division: Sales force materials, product brochures, TV, campaign development, concepts
  • Allstate Insurance: TV commercial, videos
  • Ameritech: Speech for CEO
  • American Airlines: Video
  • American College of Surgeons Radio: commercials
  • American Dental Association: Procedure films
  • American HMO: Newsletter, membership brochure
  • American Hospital Association: Direct mail
  • American Medical Association: Direct mail, TV
  • American Orthopedic Association: Website
  • Amoco: Concepts
  • Andrew Corporation: Capabilities brochure
  • Analpram: Direct mail, print ads
  • Apex: Website
  • Amour Dial: TV, print, radio for Dial Soap, Dial Anti-perspirant
  • A.T. Kearney: National sales meeting videos
  • AT&T: Concept development, leader of brainstorming session in New Hope, PA

For a list of the “B” through “Z” companies, please contact me.