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    Ain’t Ever Seen it Like This

    It’s downright weird when you consider the incredibly bad weather that has shown up in my life whenever I leave town and especially on fishing trips. I used to blame my fishing buddies, Stu…

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    How Not to Lose Them at Hello

    10 Ways to Engage, Wed and Never Divorce Website Visitors Don’t pull a reverse Jerry McQuire and lose web visitors at hello. You want to engage them instantly, “act now,” “contact you immediately,” order…

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    Boost your e-mail open-rate like crazy

    Why should someone open your e-mail versus a 20% Door Buster from Old Navy? Because you’ve learned tricks of the writing trade offered by Wordsworth (and many blogger contemporaries). You’ve paid attention to the…

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    5 Things to Never Say to a Writer

    And, Conversely, How to Wrap a Writer Around Your Finger It’s very hairy and scary for me as a writer when I hear any of the following things from my clients. These are in…