How Not to Lose Them at Hello

10 Ways to Engage, Wed and Never Divorce Website Visitors

Don’t pull a reverse Jerry McQuire and lose web visitors at hello. You want to engage them instantly, “act now,” “contact you immediately,” order that lawn gnome, enroll in your yoga class. or whatever. Here are 10 things to to do to ensure a loving, long term relationship with someone who drops in for a website visit.

  • Make your identity a memorable entity. You should have a tagline at the top of the page that is also position and establishes a brand personality. Tall order? Not for little Jim Ardito at ACE
  • Use “You” out the wazoo. Always think “second person first” You are going to appreciate plumbers flushed with pride at the thought of pleasing you
  • Engage the visitor from the word “go,” which means using verbs and action words that transfer energy and liveliness to your brand
  • Tattoo WFFIT on your forehead so you remember to note benefits (vs features) and fill content with “What’s In It for Them”
  • Make content clever, smart, or even somewhat humorous if that’s appropriate for the brand (funeral homes not so much)
  • Seem different, sound different, be different with content that’s not trite
  • Be human. Lawyers, financial planners, insurance agents, r u listening? Lift yourself from a sea of sameness like my client, estate planner, Regina Rathnau  whose tagline is “You can take it with you” — (peace of mind knowing your estate is professionally handled)
  • Keep it readable ; it’s unbeatable. Content should n short, crisp headlines and sentences, bullet points, subheads, paragraphs of 100 words or less, and simple unobfuscated words, n’est ce pas? (Ha)
  • Tell a story. Present success stories, customer-love stories, even horror stories. Your blog could contain “Insurance horror stories?” or “Real Real-Estate nightmares?” Great stuff. Must reads for all
  • Be personable. I personally think interjecting yourself –your passion, your commitment, your hands-on involvement in the company makes a connection that is invaluable.

That’s it. Easy peasy? Well, if not, we know somebody who simply love to edit content and give you your Wordsworth and then some every time. Give us a call at 847-902-6562.

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