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Heavenly Writing that Sells like Hell


Website Content

(Sticky, Clicky, Brand-Elevating)

  • From scratch, starting from site map
  • Makeovers—money-saving way to invigorate your site by massaging current content
  • SEO—keyword research, meta-tag writing and adding of keywords to content to boost your rankings

Digital Print

(Gets opened, gets read, gets results)

  • Online Newsletters that are lively, engaging, fun, informative
  • E-mail blasts with ingenious subject matter lines that increase "openings" by 30% to 60%. Super headlines, solid action-oriented content
  • Blog Writing that's exciting. Check out www.jardito.wordpress.com for columns and recipes featured in "What's Happening Newpapers."
  • Inventive business blogging—unique concepts and content with keyword placement


(Tactile, Tactical, Creatively-involving, Action-Oriented)

  • Newsletters
  • Ads
  • Brochures/collateral
  • Direct mail

e-Mail Sharpening

(Have Them at "Hello." Lead Them to Buy)

  • Regular e-Mail editing/writing to:
  • Create and sharpen sales
  • Emphasize competitive distinctions
  • Bulletize benefits
  • Get a meeting

World Class Taglines

(Beginning with Grainger, Ranging Far Beyond)

  • Super taglines for Fortune 500 companies, a Michigan Ave. dentist: "Bring your smile to life" and dozens more

Concepts 4 Hire

(Inspired, Inventive, Campaign Frameworks)

  • Amazingly clever concepts that propel communications of all kinds, drive a campaign, make a meeting, win accounts

Sales Force Training & Communications

(Breakthrough Breakout Sessions, Unique Team- building Games, Inventive Educational Materials)

  • A 90-page rep binder on potassium loss turned into a murder-mystery; an awesome sales force cell-phone photo safari; cooking up team-building in the kitchen—we reign for sales training


(Funny that's on the Money for Business)

  • Live humor shows at McCormick place, national sales meeting skits, videos that leave ‘em laughing and learning; humorous speeches for CEOs


(That Cause Commotion and Stimulate Sales)

  • Happy Meal Boxes for Mickey D's, BK Kid's Club Comic Book Adventures, Cereal box games for Cap'N Crunch, Life Cereal, FSI's, POP


(Names that Capture Brand Essence and Distinction)

  • "Common Ground"—the name for a new Elgin Community playground; "Simply Right—lighter Aunt Jemima syrup; "Head Start a la Carte"— Kraft Instant Oatmeal. You name it, (I probably did)

Elevating Elevator Speeches

(Knock ‘em down when you stand up)

  • Work with the "Master of half-minute magic" (me) to create several 30 second elevator speeches that floor people and elevate business